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Basketball Thoughts

I'm going to start off by congratulating Andy Kennedy on one helluva coaching job so far this season. I know it is all anyone is saying lately, but it needs to be stated once more. The injuries are one thing, but getting a team as young as we are to believe in themselves shows how good this guy is. While I'm killing time before the USA game I figured I'd give my two cents on a couple of topics:

Dahveed Huertas:
I am going to politely disagree with Ghost and say he Huertas is overrated and inconsistent. I don't like Dahveed and if you have ever sat around me at a basketball game it should not come as a surprise. Yesterday was a perfect example of Huertas and how he hurts the team. Kennedy decided to take Dahveed out early because Huertas was throwing up retarded shots. The one that did him in was a drive to the basket when he was triple teamed and threw up a circus shot that hit nothing but backboard. AK immediately went to the bench and when Huertas saw he was being taken out made sure the crowd and everyone on the court knew he was upset with AK's decision.

It's clear that AK and Huertas have a strained relationship. This isn't the first time they have got into it with each other. I think it was the UT game when they were both yelling at each other, probably because Kennedy reminded Dahveed that he has teammates. It drives me insane watching Huertas, who is not a very adept ball handler, waste 10 seconds of the shot clock trying to find his way into the lane or get a look at a three. I know he puts up points, that's great, but it frustrates me to no end how he takes plays off, doesn't pass, blows up on his teammates when they do something wrong and disrespects his coach. He's done good things for us, no doubt, but for now I am not going to miss him when he leaves.

Graham and Malcolm:
These two guys have been instrumental in our success so far. White was a man against Georgia. That block he had against The Predator was disgusting. He did a great job on the boards and was aggressive when he got the ball. When he can play physical and stay out of foul trouble he is a menace to the opposition.

Graham's defense has been a huge asset to this team and he has got the job done offensively too. I have heard some rumors that he may be the odd man out next season, but that's not going to happen. Having him out there with EP is going to be huge for defense and he will provide us with plenty of versatility in lineups next season.

Murphy Holloway:
This is easily my favorite player on the team right now. Holloway plays all out 100% of the time every time. I believe he had his third consecutive double-double last night and had some ridiculous drives to the basket. He is a freakish athlete and just has a knack for getting to the basket and always being around the ball. He reminds me of a Jason Maxiell type player and definitely could find his way to the next level.

Terrico White:
I know they honored the All Century team yesterday, but they should have gone ahead and added Terrico to the ceremony. He is going to be the best player in Ole Miss history, I'll go ahead and say it.