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What's that? Huh? I mean, it's just... well...

... I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome we are!

Sure there are plenty of applicable chants.

"Ok-la-hoooo-maaaa! Ov-er-ra-ted"*
"Choooooooooooook-lahoma where the wins go to the other team!"**

But, those chants are all a bit overdone. Here, at the Cup, we've come up with this new chant which applicably describes the Oklahoma Sooners as of late.
Ooooook-la-ho-ma is a respectable football program. They've been able to produce some of the NFL's hottest talents and Bob Stoops is surely a capable coach. However, with their recent postseason shortcomings, one must wonder as to how vialbe the claims surrounding not only Oklahoma, but the Big XII at large, truly are. Certainly, excellent collegiate quarterbacks have made Norman their home but where do their true talents lie? Likely not at quarterback as their NFL careers are short and forgettable. But, I digress. Perhaps their conference, the Big XII, has been continuously overestimated by the likes of the national media due totheir poor defensive performances (and subsequently high offensive performances) and "squeaky-clean" coach and player behavior. Unfortunately, with the system of determinging national championships being the way it is, one can no longer reasonably expect the Oklahoma Sooners to be capable of sustainable national success as they are not geographically biased towards overly athletic playes who, even after claiming to play at 90%, still pwn n3wbz.

The SEC is better than you. Get. Over. It.
Drunk and happy. You?

*Tune of "Boomer Sooner"
**Tune of "Oklahoma," the Broadway show tune