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Tip-off: Ole Miss vs. LSU

Here are the starting line-ups for today's game at 3 p.m. CT or as soon as the Gators dispatch of what will be an 0-3 SEC conference Arkansas.

To make you feel more like you're at the game, turn up yo' speakers and click hurrr.

The Cotton Bowl trophy will be presented at today's game, so attendance might crack 5,000 in reality for one of the few times this season. Spirit fans will still bitch about our fans afterwards regardless. LSU is 13-3 in their first season with Trent Johnson at the helm after John Brady left him with a few above average SEC players. Basically, if we don't stop Thornton and Mitchell, we're going to get stroked by a more athletic team.

Starting for LSU:
G Marcus Thornton
G Garrett Temple
G Bo Spencer
F Tasmin Mitchell
C Chris Johnson

Starting for Ole Miss:
G Dahveed Huertas
G Terrico White
G Zach Graham
F Murphy Holloway
F Malcolm White

It's growing pain time for the Rebels. Terrico White played his last game against Arkansas like his life depended on it, so if back to back appearances are made by Terrico, we'll have some consistency and more scoring threats to keep us in the game.

LSU has three guys that can go for 20 on any given night, so an early lead means a long afternoon for the Rebels. Our team doesn't quite have what it takes yet to come back from an early lead to dominate in the second half.

Predicted half-time score: UM 35 LSU 41
Predicted final: UM 74 LSU 80

Post your in-game comments here over the next couple hours, then we'll have our post-game comments.