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This just in: Pat Patterson is Hilarious

Erik Skinnett, the staff writer for, wrote this Tidbugget (Yancy's got Tidbits,Neal's got Nuggets, we at the Cup have TIDBUGGETS.... which are really just us linking to other folks' sites) on Pat Patterson. It's the typical MadLibs kinda article with the whole "oh yeah I like [COACH] and [PLAYER] so I could really see myself playing for [UNIVERSITY][TEAM NAME] and wearing that [COLOR] uniform" feel to it. However, it does have this quote by Patterson which he uttered while speaking of his recruitment to Tennessee's Ed Orgeron:
"He’s a good guy," Patterson said of Orgeron. "He just talks too loud."

Picturing Pat Patterson speaking in what is an undeniably thuggin' country accent say "he jus talk to damn lout" with a goofy, twisty smirk on his face makes me giggle. Pat, Hurricane Orgeron heard that. Board up Noxubee county now, or you're toast.