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Some Morning YouTube, Perhaps?

First off, we've got some videos of Oher and P. Jerry put together by DraftParty, a YouTube highlights reel of sorts for potential early-round draftees.

Next we have Craig Drummond's 2007 highlights. Why 2007? Well, I'm pretty sure he sat out most of 2008 with an injury. When you consider the fact that he was an Army All-American this past year, you've got to assume he earned that distinction based mostly on his impressive Junior campaign.

Damn. We've got ourselves a good one. In the video, you'll see what looks like a highschool senior who snuck onto the field for a few JV games. That's Drummond.

His talent is raw, but he's got an excellent frame and incredible potential. The first few minutes of highlights all seem to come from the exact same game which, if that indeed be the case, truly demonstrates how dominant Drummond is on the highschool level.

My biggest issue with that video was the actual video itself. Who in the hell put that together? Flying cassette tapes? Wacky, 3D popcorn graphics? C'mon, highschool highlight tapes can do without all of that frilly nonsense.

Unless, of course, Craig Drummond himself put it together.. If that's the case then Bravo, good sir! Well done!