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Some Afternoon RebelRoundup, Perhaps?

Chris Low Lays out our Recruiting Needs - I'm with him on this one. We need some more beef on the lines. It looks like we're getting the defensive side of that taken care of, but offensively this class looks like it could leave much to be desired up front. Of course, if one Robert G. Massie, Esq. commits to us, I'll sing a different tune.

The MWC Wants an Automatic BCS Bid - That's neat, MWC. It's not gonna happen, but way to give it the ol' college try! Let's be honest; this is all about money. If you aren't going to put asses in the seats, whether those seats be in the stadium or in front of a television, the BCS isn't going to pay attention to you.

Wait a Tick?! Football Causes Concussions!?! - While I am being a smartass with the title, the CNN has a pretty interesting piece on the fates of far too many NFL players. It'll make you almost want to keep your kids from playing football.... almost.