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The Silent Period Begins

Not really... The coaches still have until Sunday to speak with recruits. But, here at Le Cup, we're not going to talk recruiting until signing day. Sure, we'll let you know what the Rivals, Scouts, and ESPN's of the world are saying but we're not going to spread anything that we've heard.

Face it: we've all heard a dozen tidbuggets and we won't ascertain the truth concerning them for a while. There's no point marinating in it. We've heard rumors which would lead us to believe that the Rebels will make several recruiting coups and pull in some surprises come Wednesday. We've also heard rumors which would lead us to believe that we're going to fare incredibly poorly once all is said and done. We don't know what to believe and, don't kid yourself, neither do you. Basketball talk and such is up next. We'll liveblog the hell out of this site on Wednesday.

Ciao. Have a helluva weekend, Rebels.