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Robert Khayat Resigns

From a friend on campus:

This message is being sent using E-mail to Groups ( UM Employees, Faculty).

The foundation of any great university is the faculty ­bright, well-educated women and men who have chosen to devote their lives to teaching, research, scholarship and service.

When we elected to pursue the academic life, I doubt we fully appreciated the opportunities available to us. Most of us wanted to know all we could learn about a particular field of study, and we wanted to share that knowledge with students and colleagues. Throughout our careers we are fortunate to continue that focus.

We are a diverse group of men and women who invest ourselves in our students, colleagues and areas of interest. We are a collegial group that firmly and aggressively asserts its beliefs without sacrificing the cherished value of respect for others who differ with us or from us.

On June 30, I will leave the university with a deep sense of gratitude and respect for each of you. The progress we have made over the past 14 years would not have been possible without your commitment to the highest standards of performance in all areas of the professorial life.

You are the reason Ole Miss and many of its programs ­accountancy, forensic chemistry, honors, pharmacy, physics, risk management and insurance ­are among the nation's top 25. You have earned the respect of fellow faculty members across the nation as well as within our campus community.

For your support, patience and understanding of my work, I am profoundly grateful. I hope to see you this spring.

Warmest regards,

Robert C. Khayat, Chancellor
What does this mean for our athletics department and, most importantly, our athletics director? I've obviously got my opinions but I'd like to hear yours first.