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Rebs Best Hogs on Hardcourt; Result Surprising, Confusing

Until last night's satisfying, if unexpected, 74-65 win over the Arkansas Razorbacks, I was set to ask the readership how Andy Kennedy's troubles in Cincinatti last month might have been different if they had occurred after Chris Warren's season-ending injury. Nevertheless, a team with only one 2008 starter pulled off an energizing win over the non-conference undefeated 'Backs.

I am fully aware that State defeated Arkansas in Fayetteville last Saturday. I am fully aware that John Pelphrey put together no murderer's row before his SEC slate began. The Cup can also confirm that Andy Kennedy wins consistently and methodically at home but loses frustratingly and confusingly on the road. So, continuing the metaphor of the 2009 basketball mulligan, this is no deep shot on the fairway. It's more like the drop on the other side of the water hazard.

Still, congratulations are in order for the team and for Andy Kennedy, who has "implemented a slightly slower pace since Warren's injury[.]" And, I'll offer no predictions about this game and its effect on the rest of the season, but if, unexpectedly, 18 wins or better are found down the road, where will this rank among Rebel wins in the Andy Kennedy era?