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Rebels at the Senior Bowl

Peria Jerry, Mike Oher, Ashlee Palmer and Mike Wallace all represented the Rebs in last night's Senior Bowl. The South handily defeated the North (TSWRA whooooooo!) to the tune of 35-18. Mike Wallace pulled in a 39 yard touchdown pass from West Virginia's Pat White and Peria Jerry recovered a Rhett Bomar fumble in the North endzone for 6. According to our Senior Bowl correspondents, Oher was good for the most part except for a holding call and Palmer had very few if any opportunities to make a play on defense. They also told us that Mobile is scary with all of the drunks, hurricanes, and Leprechauns hiding in strategic-ass trees.

The game's stats can be found here and the highlights here.

Also, did everybody else know before last night that Mike Wallace was going to be in this game, or am I just out of the loop? He definitely improved whatever draft stock he had.