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Rebel Roundup - Sr. Bowl and 2009 Schedule talk

Draft Stock Rising for Jerry, Palmer; Falling for Oher - Click here, here, and here for some Senior Bowl coverage. As one would expect, Ashlee Palmer and Peria Jerry are ruining whatever poor sons-of-bitches they're up against in the Senior Bowl practices. Unfortunately, Michael Oher hasn't been as impressive. Hopefully Oher will get out of whatever slump he appears to be in.

The Kansas Jayhawks to Highlight the Rebel OOC Schedule in 2009? - We're hearing rumors which would lead us to believe that the Rebels will be playing the Kansas Jayhawks in 2009. If this is indeed true, the matchup will be held in Dallas at the New Cowboys Stadium (is that really what they're calling it?) with a guaranteed payout of $6 million for each team. I know a lot of folks have been hearing that such a matchup would be held against Texas A&M or Colorado, but this matchup makes the most sense. Both teams will be looking to beef up their OOC slate in order to impress the BCS computers and both programs would draw just enough to attract a good TV deal and some serious cash. Bring it on, Big XII.

Nice shoes, bird.