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Rebel Roundup: Links 'n' Links 'n' Links (EDIT, new link)

We have all been terribly busy lately and therefore have not been bloggin' like we should. We would apologize but, come to think of it, we're not your damn clown. We'll entertain you on our own time.

Alright, that was a bit harsh. I'm sorry. We love you. Especially you, You TOOL, please continue to demonstrate your genius to us all.

Here are some links to peruse during this Inauguration Day. Go America.

Ole Miss is the 24th most Prestigious Program EVAR - Considering the fact that we have the 25th highest winning percentage of all time, this shouldn't be too shocking.'s college football section had a cool graphic which included Archie Manning in the dead center. Thanks, ESPN. I don't know why you've all of the sudden grown some wondrous Ole Miss boner (save for the ever-impotent Mark May) but we at the Cup are down.

Can Dan Mullen Win? - Ivan Maisel ponders this in his newest piece on He not only explores the differences between the Mississippi State program and the Florida program, but also the somewhat ridiculous expectations we all place on incoming coaches.

Sports Illustrated Declares Ole Miss a Draft "Winner" - Greg Hardy's decision to stay has earned us some positive press. The angst-riddled Archduke of Sackenstein should be an all-American next season. Jordan Jefferson, Ryan Mallett, Tyler Russell, and others beware. Along those same lines, SI's Stewart Mandel feels that the large number of returning juniors with great NFL potential are showing that it's "cool to stay in school." I personally doubt that Greg Hardy is trying to send that specific message but, whatever, sure.

EDIT: Stewart Mandel also has a Rebel Boner - We're his preseason #5. The pressure's on, Rebs.