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Rebel Roundup: Friday Morning Linkage (EDIT - 2 More!)

Hardy Undergoes Another Foot Surgery - Greg Hardy, emo poet and destroyer of galaxies, will miss Spring practice but should be healthy enough to participate in fall drills after Wednesday's foot surgery. For those of you who may be concerned that Greg is going to miss all of Spring practice, I say don't be. He doesn't need it.

Does "the Curse" Extend that Far?
- Our Men's tennis team has been picked to win the SEC by the conference's coaches. The Rebels, ranked #9 in America, earned 7 first place votes out of a possible 11 (I doubt coaches are allowed to vote for their own team). Go get 'em, you Nordic warriors you.

Construction on Baseball Stadium Nearing Completion - So, maybe it'll be done on time after all. The Ernie LaBarge Bullpen Club has a photo gallery of the construction's progress here.

Four More Years! For More Years! - What would a Houston Nutt inaugural address look like? Well, our amigos at Friends of the Program have speculated and, as always, hit the nail on the head. Giggity, indeed.

Tay-B Gets Crunk 25 Days a Week, Suffers Gunshot Wound - Since he's not dead, a lot of folks have been making jokes (if the bullets were footballs he wouldn't have been hurt, etc.) but you've still gotta feel bad for the former Rebel wideout. Godspeed, you tall, fast, concrete-handed squire.

Congress Introduces a bill to Kinda-Sorta Ban the BCS - I mean, they can't "ban" it, but they can prohibit the promotion of the BCS as a method of determining a national championship... maybe. I'm still confused as to how this fits into the Constitutional role of our legislative branch. Hey, Congress, don't you have a GTMO to close or maybe some taxes to raise or some shit? Stay out of our sport you overpaid hacks.