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Rebel Roundup - Linkage

ESPN's Coverage of Last Night's Game - Click here for a full recap with video highlights. Here's an interesting factoid which I gleaned from that recap: Ole Miss' last basketball victory over the Wildcats was on January 20, 2001. You know what else happened on that day?

Yep, it was that long ago. The Rebels last defeated the Wildcats in a pre-9/11 world. Wrap your brain around that one.

The Recruiting Derby Heats Up - Bruce Feldman lays out the ten most intriguing recruiting battles still out there, and the Rebels are in two of them. The first is us vs. Bama vs. Georgia for Bobbie Massie and the second is us vs. Florida vs. Georgia vs. Tennessee for Marlon Brown. He actually seems somewhat hopeful about our chances with Brown.

Nutt, Petrino Have Solid Recruiting Classes - That's what Billy Tucker (who?) is saying. While this class is far from both "perfect" and "complete," we're likely to pick up some big time talent come signing day on top of the commitments we've already earned. I've always felt ESPN was always a bit on the "fringe" with regards to recruiting rankings and evaluation. Their incredibly high rankings of oftentimes otherwise lowly or moderately ranked prospects demonstrates this fairly well. Still, you've gotta take it where you can get it. Thanks, ESPN. We don't know why you (outside of Mark May) have decided to love Ole Miss all of the sudden, but we dig it.