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Rebel Roundup: Case of the Mondays

Monday sucks. It's science. Here are some links to keep you busy this horrible, horrible morning. Perhaps posts of substance are to come this afternoon.

Mock Drafts - There are lots of them. I guess I'll go with the most reputable mock draft I've stumbled upon this morning and that would be the mock first round put together by Don Banks of Sports Illustrated. In his draft, Mike Oher is picked up by the Raiders (bye bye, career) and Peria Jerry is picked up by the Falcons.

Andy Staples is a Professional Dumbass - In attempting to predict where the few remaining uncommitted blue-chippers will sign, Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples had this to say about Patrick Patterson:

Southern Miss coach Larry Fedora pulled a shocker last year when he convinced receiver DeAndre Brown to come to Hattiesburg despite offers from some of the SEC's top teams. Could Fedora do it again? He'll have to beat out Ole Miss, Alabama and Tennessee.
Andy, if by some bizarre, off chance you stumble upon this blog and read this, let it be known that Larry Fedora didn't do shit to land DeAndre Brown. DeAndre Brown ended up in Hattiesburg because LSU and Ole Miss dropped him like a hot potato after seeing the difficulties it would require to get him qualified to attend an SEC school. Yes, the SEC has higher academic standards than the CUSA. They're not much higher, but high enough to keep him away. Patrick Patterson will not enroll in the University of Southern Mississippi. Hell, he may never set foot in the city of Hattiesburg ever again and no, I wouldn't blame him if he didn't.

Alright, so Maybe He's not THAT Stupid - Perhaps I was a bit harsh on Andy. Andy, redeem yourself... Ah, nice work! I'm certain he did not do all of the number crunching himself but his piece on the state of recruiting is intriguing for any stats nerd. There is even a piece which breaks down the number of BCS recruits by state during the 2004-2008 time span. Florida leads the pack in both total number of recruits and recruits per capita. Mississippi is 3rd in recruits per capita. In fact, the states in which the SEC schools are located have 9 of the top 22 spots. The breakdown goes something like this:
1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Mississippi
4. Georgia
6. Louisiana
9. South Carolina
12. Arkansas
19. Tennessee
22. Kentucky

Scattered among the SEC schools are the usual suspects (Ohio, Texas, Hawai'i, DC, California, et al). On the very bottom of the list lies Vermont who apparently has only contributed one BCS football player over the last four years. Alaska has produced double that over the same time period.

Craig Drummond, Jr. Commits... Maybe - Scout and Rivals both report that Craig Drummond, Jr., the Army All-American defensive end, has committed to the Rebels. Inside the Grove, however, has a completely different story. Both camps can't be lying. Either he's committed or he isn't. Perhaps Yancy and Neal's sources are not as reliable as they would like to believe. Perhaps Ty is being toyed with by the recruits for sending them text messages late at night on a Sunday (Ty, they're expecting booty calls, not overbearing ESPN reporters). If I were a bettin' man, I'd say that the young man is Oxford bound, but this is definitely not a chicken that should be counted before it's hatched.

Jaylon Snead: the most Badass SEC Dad - Inside the Grove has a Q&A with Jaylon Snead, the father of Jevan Snead. It really doesn't matter what it says, or really whether or not you read it because Jaylon Snead is a real American hero. Look at that mustache. And that hat, damn; how many people can actually convincingly wear a big-ass black cowboy hat. Good Lord in Heaven, sir. You are the envy of many, many men.

Jaylon Snead - proud father, badass