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Potential defensive line class...

I'm busy roughly all day now, but I do have time to share something. I know it has probably been brought up on some message board, but look at the potential defensive line class we have.

DE Craig Drummond - 6'5" 260 - Offers from USC, Florida, Miami, Ohio State, etc. - Army All-American - Film looks incredible
DT Bo Tillman - 6'7" 295 - #3 player in the state last year - Film is good. Disrupts tons of plays.
DT Eric Smiley - 6'5" 280 - early offers from the likes of USC before backing off due to grade problems - Haven't seen any film
DT Corey Gaines - 6'0" 275 - Army All-American - Film is of offensive line, shows good feet and speed
DE Cameron Whigham - 6'3" 230 - Auburn offer - Film shows lots of speed, not enough power

Look, there's still work to be done with Eric Smiley (grades) and Corey Gaines (choosing us), but I like what I see. Before the season started, I pinpointed the d-line as a position of necessity in recruiting. We have filled that necessity. I am still hoping for one more DE to help replace Hardy, Tillman and Stephens. I think Alex Williams would be perfect. If we can sign him, we've gone a long way in maintaining our dominance on the defensive line.