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Ole Miss vs Kentucky: Could we just play HORSE?

Ole Miss is struggling on the court, and they're at the breaking point where postseason play is not a possibility unless the Rebels win the remainder of their games.

Obviously, a win over Kentucky would bring this team's confidence to a new level and could get things rolling. The Wildcats are running game on the rest of the SEC sporting an undefeated conference record.

Lest we forget Big Blue basketball in 2007-2008 as they fell to teams like San Diego, Gardner Webb and UAB. These aren't your Dad's Kentucky basketball players. They lost to VMI for God's sake.

Winning at Tennessee by 18 was one of the most impressive games I have seen an SEC team play all season(yes, including our 12 point win against Nicholls State).

Wildcat lineup:
G Jodie Meeks- averages over 26 ppg and could go for 40 against any of our guards
G DeAndre Liggins- Freshman who has had streaks of turnovers
F Patrick Patterson- not the UM recruit, but second leading scorer
F Perry Stevenson- already tied his block total(46) from last season
F Ramon Harris- he's from Alaska, that's all the interesting information I could find; I searched for a picture of Tyler Hansbrough just to get a linked picture of the kid

Terrico White and David Huertas need to score a combined 60 points for Ole Miss to have a chance in the game. We'll most likely get out rebounded or "outphysicalled" by a veteran UK team. I'm prepared for a long night of ESPN commentators bringing up Andy Kennedy's horrible year off the court, our list of injuries which is at an inquisition like length, and how good Kentucky's fans travel on the road.

Our guys will give a great effort, because it's Kentucky, they're on national television and they'll have a decent crowd behind them. If it is close at half-time and they can keep Kentucky out of a transition game, the Rebels could keep it close.

Final prediction: Kentucky 83 Ole Miss 68

Btw, 25 days until baseball season. All praise Michael Guerrero.