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Ole Miss at 'Bama: A game the Rebels might steal

Alabama doesn't have a fantastic basketball team this year, but neither does Ole Miss, especially after losing players to every knee injury imaginable. Our luck could only improve if another player doesn't go down before the year is out.

Alabama lost their first regular season game of the year to the Mercer Bears from the Atlantic Sun conference. No kidding. It's not the first time the Tide has fallen to an A-Sun team as they fell to the Belmont Bears 85-83 last season. Mark Gottfried needs to lose his damn job just because of those two losses. Seriously, don't lose to private Southern Baptist funded schools in basketball when you're in the SEC, jackass. That's like losing to an intramural team...lots of short white guys chucking threes like Jeff Hornacek. I bet you forgot about that guy.

Starting for the Crimson Tide:
Alonzo Gee- leads team in scoring and rebounds
Senario Hillman- throws up more threes than anyone except Ronald Steele, but only shoots 18% from behind the arc
Ronald Steele- 38% from 3 point land and averages 12 ppg
JaMychal Green- leads team in blocked shots
Justin Knox- averages 20 min/game

Mikhail Torrence(did they draw letters out of a hat to get this first name?) comes off the bench and is a spark plug for the team.

Ole Miss has had back to back spectacular appearances from Terrico White. I think it's way past time to anoint him as the starting point guard for the rest of the season. 'Bama, like many other teams this year, will outrebound the Rebels as our big men are still learning how to play at a higher level. Murphy Holloway is showing some signs of talent and promise for the future. Hopefully, he'll get a little more consistent and not wait until we're down by 28 to start making plays.

I've been to Alabama for a basketball game before and their fans are pretty apathetic towards basketball. The students wear houndstooth basketball shorts and all kinds of ridiculous attire to show their support. If you look closely, you can see one fan yawning from boredom. PUT ON SOME DAMN PADS AND HIT SOMEBODY!!! ROLL TAHD!!!!

Their crowd won't be very into this game because:

1.) It's Wednesday and the crowd won't be there.
2.) They're playing Ole Miss and expect to win.

Final score prediction: Alabama 74 Ole Miss 66