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Postgame Notes

1. That felt good. This team is inconsistent, that's for sure and to be expected. All things considered, I'm alright with that. Inconsistency suggests spurts of good, which is exactly what happened tonight.

2. We started pretty strong defensively and against the defensive glass. We made some lucky shots and missed some easy ones. Overall, when you consider all of the misfortunes of this team we performed admirably.

3. Our strategy defensively was pretty interesting. Triple-teams inside, the occasional press. I think this is why we were rebounding better than one would expected.

4. Will Bogan, please sack up. Good gravy. You look far too nervous to be out there. You're like an episode of Murder She Wrote: slow, predictable, and too white. You'd get the ball with clear open shots and just move the ball to the next fella around the arc. C'mon. I mean, you missed your free throws in a no-pressure situation. That's why they're "free," Will.

5. Terrico White is going to be very, very good. He made shots from all over the court and had a put down an improbable dunk among a half-dozen Wildcat arms. The ESPN announcers were gushing over him and rightfully so.

6. The other White, Malcolm, also had a monster game. Badass blocks. Badass dunks. If he could ever do any of that with consistency he'd be all-SEC.

7. It's Tuesday night in Oxford, MS. What in the hell are all of you people busy doing? Bake sales? Choir recitals? Insanely infections bouts of prolapsed rectums? Get your asses to the damned basketball game. I know we're having a nightmare season with Kennedy's War on Terror and a horrible plague of weakened ligaments and I know you would have been all 'bout-it 'bout-it last season but, c'mon. Kentucky is in town. We're on ESPN. IT'S TUESDAY! What a damned embarrassment.*

*I live a convenient 14 hour drive from the Tad-Pad. Don't you fuss at me. If I were still an Oxonian I would have been there.