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Oh my, what a tangled web we weave

NOTE: Information was obtained by visiting the official sites of the respective universities' athletic programs. Before you send me any more "he's not on our coaching staff anymore" emails or comments, tell your school to get their website in order. Capiche?

Today, Houston Nutt announced the signing of Terry Price to the Rebel staff. Price, who will be filling in for his cousin (no joke), Tracy Rocker, at the defensive line coaching position marks one of the latest in a long line of intra-SEC coaching hires. As the former DE coach at Auburn and, yes, Ole Miss under Tommy Tuberville, he should hopefully bring experience coaching and recruiting to the Ole Miss staff.

Also today, Lane Kiffin announced the hiring of Frank Wilson, the former runningbacks coach for our Rebels and the same to be for the Bulldogs of Starkville, will join his old boss Ed Orgeron in Knoxville.

Outside of the South people like to think of our region as being "incestuous." Now, while we're not really going out there and bangin' our sisters (or brothers, I'm lookin' at you Florida), we've certainly put together some wacky relationships among our coaching staffs. We're seemingly constantly swapping head coaches, coordinators, and recruiters like they're playing cards. Once coaches get here, they don't want to leave. Of course, we do (from top to bottom) pay the most and provide the greatest opportunity to recruit and coach the nations best talent, all while appearing on ESPN every other weekend so, this is somewhat understandable.

Since I didn't have dick to do at work today, I researched the extent of this conference-wide phenomenon. I even drew a nifty map which simply shows which schools share a common coaching history and put together a detailed list because it tricked my supervisor into thinking I was elbow deep in assignments. It is important for me to let you know that I didn't count former players, volunteer coaches, or graduate assistants because this took long enough as it is. An interesting point of note is that Vanderbilt does not have anybody on staff who coached at another SEC school (outside of a GA role) but has provided coaches to a couple other SEC schools. The image below can be clicked for needed biggification.

Nick Saban - Former HC at LSU
Kirby Smart - Former DB coach at LSU and RB coach at Georgia

Bobby Petrino - Former OC at Auburn
Mike Summers - Former OL coach at Kentucky

Tracy Rocker - Former DL coach at Ole Miss
Trooper Taylor - Former WR coach at Tennessee
Gus Malzhan - Former OC at Arkansas

Kenny Carter - Former OLB coach at LSU and RB coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Vanderbilt

John Wilson - Former Asst. HC, OC, and WR coach at South Caronlina
Rodney Garner - Former OT coach and TE coach at Tennessee and Recruiting Coordinator and TE coach at Auburn
Stacy Searels - Former OL coach at LSU
John Fabris - Former DE coach at South Carolina

Joker Phillips - Former WR coach at South Carolina
Larry Brinson - Former RB coach at Arkansas*
Rick Petri - Former DL coach at Ole Miss, DE coach at South Carolina
Randy Sanders - Former OC and QB coach at Tennessee
Chris Thurmond - Former CB coach at Alabama

Bradley Dale Peveto - Former ST coordinator and LB coach at Arkansas
Stan Drayton - Former RB coach at Mississippi State and FLorida
Lance Thompson - Former OLB coach at Alabama
Eddie Gran - Former RB coach and ST coordinator at Auburn and RB coach at Ole Miss

Terry Price - Former DE coach at Auburn
Houston Nutt - Former HC at Arkansas
James Shibest - Former ST coordinator at Arkansas
Mike Markuson - Former OL coach at Arkansas
Chris Vaughn - Former LB and S coach at Arkansas
Tyrone Nix - Former DC at South Carolina

Dan Mullen - Former OC at Florida
David Turner - Former DE coach at Alabama and DL coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Vanderbilt
Les Koenning - Former OC at Alabama
Melvin Smith - Former Safeties coach at Alabama and Ole Miss

Steve Spurrier - Former HC at Florida
Ellis Johnson - Former DC at Mississippi State and Alabama
Shane Beamer - Former CB coach at Mississippi State

Ed Orgeron - Former HC at Ole Miss
Frank Wilson - Former RB coach at Ole Miss and Mississippi State (kinda-sorta not really)
Lance Thompson - Former OLB coach at Alabama

I'm certain to have overlooked something somewhere, which is really just another indicator of how wacky this has gotten.

*Arkansas was in the SWC then so maybe this doesn't count.