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Message Board Idiots - MSU STYLE!

I admittedly spend more time looking on sports message boards than I should. Every now and then, when I find something enjoyable or, in this case, straight-up dumb, I' like to share them with the Blogosphere. In this edition of Message Board Idiots, I'd like to direct your attention to a response to a recent post by an Ole Miss fan by Steve Robertson (MSU's Yancy Porter). He didn't take terribly kindly to the Rebel's post and demostrated such thusly:

Please remember you are a guest here. You don't have any expectations. If you don't like what is being posted here, then don't read it. If you choose to respond to a post, be courteous after all you are a guest here. Don't post inflammatory comments about or directed towards the subscribers here after all you are a guest here.

Steve Robertson

I promise. I did not add anything to that post. Don't believe me? Click here. So wait. Is he a guest there? Honestly, what kind of site requires people to be ALLOWED to post on their free board? Genespage is a joke. Much like OMSpirit, it thrives on convincing its constituency that its school's teams are better than they actually are or that recruiting is going better than it actually is.

Then there's this...
Yes. Chris Relf is a lot like Tim Tebow. That's why he was third string for you this year. Yes, Tyson Lee and Wesley Carroll started above him, but I'm sure that he's going to come out of his shell this year and thrive behind your offensive line. Also, the Tyson Lee/Chris Leak comparison is spot on. I remember when Chris Leak averaged 3.8 yards per pass attempt against VANDERBILT.