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Lookin' for some Ole Miss Recruiting News?

You could try your usual sources of Yancy, Neal, or Chase/Ty, but why not try something new? Yes, now you can get your recruiting news from Cletus, Jedidiah, or even Stupid McJackass.

Those are three completely different Razorback message boards containing multiple threads about the Ole Miss program. These threads were not hard to find as all of them were literally on each website's respective first page of listed threads. These postsers are especially focused on our recruiting and recruiting rankings because, if you can't beat 'em on the field, you might as well try to "beat" 'em on the first Wednesday in February.

It seems that the Arkansas Razorbacks have begun to pay more attention to the Ole Miss football program than most Ole Miss fans. When you consider the facts that

A) Most Ole Miss fans really don't follow the program at all
B) Moonshine makes folks angry, bitter, and agressive
C) Methamphetamines cause days-long stints of insomnia

it really isn't too terribly surprising. Ole Miss fans are far too carefree while Arkansas fans are far too obsessive. One group of fans fancy this as some kind of social event, the other equates it to a bloodsport.

The only thing these two groups have in common is that both of them are trying to prove a point. The Arkansas fans are (maybe) trying to prove to everyone outside of NWA that they're not the ones being stupid and that Houston Nutt really is as awful as they say. We Rebels are still trying to prove to everyone in NWA that we don't give a shit about their opinions.

Nope. Not even one shit. Hell, we don't even give a half of a shit.

I guess my biggest beef with all of these message board users is that they're all so self-congratulatory. They're mostly comprised of a bunch of people who are bored at work and, as haters of their own lives, would simply like someone to validate their opinions every half-hour or so.

Talk around the "water cooler" in Little Rock

Will this EVER end?