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Final: Ole Miss 85 Kentucky 80

I'll be the first to say it: I was dead wrong about this game. I thought it would take a 60 point performance by Huertas and Terrico White combined to win this game.

Surprisingly, Malcolm and Terrico White along with Huertas scored over 60 in the victory.

When Ole Miss hits the floor with Terrico White, David Huertas and Chris Warren next year, we're going to take down a lot of teams.

Malcolm White "grabbed up his nuts and played like a man" as the legendary sound bite Bam Doyne used to say.

Everyone thought the Rebels were doomed when they came out of the tunnel to face the Big Blue, but this group wanted to prove what is in store for the future of Ole Miss basketball. These players are gaining valuable experience for next season. Even if they only marginally improve, the leadership and skills of Chris Warren and Eniel Polynice plus the team I saw on the floor tonight has me thinking about at least the Sweet Sixteen next year. Obviously, Warren and EP need to come back 100% from their injuries.

There's plenty of big IF's, but let's enjoy this win for now.

I don't think this game means "WE GOIN' TO DA 'SHIP." We'll probably struggle to win four more games and break even for the season. We're not in a Disney movie, so let's get back in touch with reality shortly after a raucous celebration.