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FINAL: Ole Miss 67 Miss. St. 63

Well, damn, I picked a four point win and look what happened.

Hell, yeah, I'm bragging. Stansbury has never lost to Ole Miss at the Hump until today.

Let's let that sink in. The last time Ole Miss beat State in Starkville in the great game of basketball, Bill Clinton was in his second term as President of the USA. Good old 1998. I mean, just went into Starkghanistan, ripped the game away from them with less than 10 scholarship players. WOW. Get Andy Kennedy a new Cadillac for that game. At least another shirt, damn.

Terrico goes off for 18, Dahveeeed scores 16 and Zach Graham played one of his best games of the year with 13 points. The real story, however, as the score shows was the great defense that Ole Miss played: lockdown, condom-like defense.

We stayed in a zone defense for the entire time most likely to save all our energy for the other end of the court. State played a good bit of man D, and our guys had to keep moving whenever on offense.

Strangely enough, our height caused State a few problems as we got some hands/fingers in their eyes. For much of the game, Huertas(6'5''), Terrico(6'5''), Malcolm White(6'9''), Zach Graham(6'6'') and DeAundre Cranston(6'9'') were on the floor. Those are some damn long arms waving about and intimidating the 'Dogs.

Varnado was pretty much the only 'Dog beating the Rebels on the glass. He had 15 boards along with eight points. His inside presence was not dominant, but we didn't challenge him a lot with our big men.

Our team is playing way above their heads, and no rational person could possibly think that the Rebels will continue on their streak all the way to the NCAA tournament. Personally, that's what I think it would take at this point.

The NIT seems like a very real possibility for this team if they can edge out about five more wins. Surely, we can beat Georgia. Alabama should be a win as well. Maybe Auburn? State at home?

The season has a long way to go, nine more games and then the SEC Tournament in Tampa. I'm predicting the Rebels win four more games and finish 16-14. Who knows? Georgia won the tournament last year, because no one really cares about basketball in the SEC. We might end up in the Big Dance after all. A broke clock is right twice a day, it could haaaaappen.

I'm just amazingly on fire with my predictions tonight, so Steelers by 12 tomorrow.

Also, if you are in the area of North Mississippi, Memphis, basically less than three hours from Oxford. Get your ass in a seat on Wednesday.