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A Few Links

I'm still chanting SEC! SEC! SEC! over and over again in my head so, until that clears, peruse these links.

Read this piece from The Wall Street Journal on the SEC being better than you (Thanks to Cal)

Here are the Final AP Poll results. Ole Miss is #14.... and two spots behind #12 Texas Tech. Fuck you, AP voters. No, I'm not kidding. Serioulsy, fuck you. Did you not even watch the Cotton Bowl? I know, I know, poor start to the season 'n' all that. Whatever.

The President-Elect thinks we need a playoff. Great. So do a lot of people. Why should I care? Let me look at my copy of the Constitution (I'm a good American) and see where the President's opinion on controversial sports topic should mean something.... Let me see... Hmmm, no, it's not therrrrreee... Hm, oh, what about this article right unde... no, well, damn. Sorry, Barack.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski, who recently said that Utah should be #1 because the BCS is le bullshit, announces that would, in fact, place the Gators at the top of his ballot. There we go, Gene! Please don't disappoint us with any sort of "conviction." After all, you're a talking head and your opinions are allowed to be about as fluid as those of a college freshman.