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A few links to get you through the day

First link is from a CNNSI article by Stewart Mandel that takes out some quotes from Brandon Spikes interview with the media where he calls out the Big 12, USC and gives Ole Miss a shout out. While the quotes from Spikes are great, check out the comment section. Maybe it is because I only read about SEC football and don't venture over to Big XII message boards, but there are seriously delusional fans on the other side of the Mississippi.

The second one is a link from the Dan Patrick show and his interview with Houston Nutt who was on the show this morning. Nutt talks about recruiting against Alabama, the situation at Boston College and predicts a Florida Dub tonight.

Finally Orson Swindle's piece from EDSBS that ran yesterday-ish. It does a great job critiquing the overrated assclown that is Rick Reilly and the whole hoopla over Utah and the BCS.