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All Day Rebs Best Trojans

Not surprisingly, the Ole Miss Men's Tennis Team won their first team match of the year against the Troy Trojans earlier today. I snuck out of the Gillom Center after Devin Britton, who was, indeed, playing in the #1 spot, defeated some German to clinch the meet (let's celebrate America, right?). The Rebels won the doubles point, though our nationally top-ranked team of Bram ten Berge and Jonas Berg won their set with a slightly disappointing score of 8-6.

Calle Norberg was lights-out today, pwning some Latin American dude 6-1, 6-0. Jonas was a bit of a slow starter, but turned on the after-burners to win his match 7-5, 6-1. Devin Britton, though, staged an epic comeback in his second set, recovering from 3-5 to take the match 6-4, 7-5. After the win was assured, I bolted leaving Bram in control at the #4 spot, and Otto Sauer and one of the Germans just starting at 6 and 5, respectively.

Halpert mentioned, in jest perhaps, that things get a little rowdy at tennis matches. What Halpert underestimates is the phenomenal amount of caffeine that surely must be consumed by Lyon Chadwick, third-year law student and son of Coach Billy Chadwick. ACC basketball fans, Central American soccer mobs, and Tom Cruise have nothing on this guy. Dare I even mention the perpetual-intensity machine Mr. Chadwick was when feeding off Robby Poole. So, yeah, Halpert, if you want some legitimate Ole Miss enthusiasm that will make the brain-trust over at the Colonel Reb Foundation rethink their own devotion to Rebel Nation, get yourself down to the Gillom Center (or, when we move outdoors, the Palmer-Salloum Tennis Center) and see what real fannage looks like.

The League of Nations plays again on Saturday in a non-conference match against Kentucky in the first round of the ITA National Tournament at 10:00.