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YAW YAW YAW YAW Ed O's a Corndog!

I know it has been rumored for awhile now, but it appears official that the Hurricane known as the Orgeron shall be coming in on a swamp boat nearest you to Baton Rouge.

The Shrimp Captain's longtime friend, Bob Hebert, reported that he would be shocked if the Incredible Hulk did not take the job. Unfortunately, Bob's son T-Bob did not have a comment in the article.

Another interesting bit of tid is that St. Ed is set to make only 200,000 less than his salary here in Oxford and Hebert thinks LSU will pay him in the 600,000 range because they want to take care of him like only JoJo knows how.

Recruiting is not a problem at LSU and I think The Ogre is honestly overrated as a defensive line coach. I do not understand this hire or Chavis. Go ask Tennessee fans what they think of Chavis. I think Chavis may have one of the worst third and long efficiency ratings in the SEC.

Miles could be going the way of Larry Coker soon.