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Wow. Take THAT Alabama!

Auburn University has announced that they are hiring Iowa State head football coach Gene Chizik to replace Tommy Tuberville. This is spectacular.

How do you fire a coach with Tubbs' track record in the SEC for a single down year (when his team went 5-7) and then turn around and hire a coach whose head coaching credits include only a 3-9 season and a 2-10 season? Tommy Tuberville is one of the top fifteen coaches in the country. It blows my mind.

I expect this to splinter the fan base a good bit. We'll get Rodney Scott and probably Raymond Cotton now. That's exciting.

Don't expect Auburn to be competitive next season. They'll have coaching that is significantly worse with a roster that's not significantly better. Good job Auburn administration. You did something I didn't think was possible. You showed Ole Miss fans that there is at least one school in the country with an AD that satisfies their fans less than ours does.

We're happy too Tommy.