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Who's your Heisman?

A couple of days ago, during a time when I should have been working, I followed Chris Low's online chat session. Low, for those of you not in the know, blogs about the SEC for everyone's most hated batch of evil, anti-[MY TEAM] journalists EVAR favorite sports network and, in my opinion, does a damn fine job at it.

In Low's chat session, he revealed his Heisman ballot to have Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Colt McCoy ranked in that order. Shortly thereafter, a few Oklahoma fans quickly polluted our fair, Southeastern chat with cries of Chris Low's despicable habits of drinking "that SEC juice" and not paying enough attention to the Big XII.

Low, with his remarkably pithy writing, replied "Where were you in 2003 when I voted for Jason White (ed: over Eli Manning*)?"

He then made a brief case for Tebow and pointed out that, no matter who wins the Heisman, we're going to have a couple of fan bases bitching about how their guy got hosed.

And he's right. We have three, if not four (if not five) deserving candidates for the trophy. Bradford, McCoy, and Tebow are all three incredible quarterbacks. Graham Harrell is certainly as worthy a dark horse as we've had in a while and Michael Crabtree, a future NFL ballertron 5000, is only the 5th dog in the pack because he's not a quarterback.

So who am I voting for? Well, nobody because bloggeurs don't get a vote. But, if I did get the chance to I'd pick Tebow. My reasons are as follows:

  1. I'm biased towards the SEC. Yeah, I said it.
  2. I don't care what Bradford's, McCoy's, and Harrell's stats are. While they're certainly important and decent indicators of success, statistics aren't everything. If statistics were everything, then that Colt Brennan douchebag would have won the Heisman last season.
  3. Tim Tebow is the single best leader in college football. Sure, Bradford, Harrell, and (espeically) McCoy mean a lot to their team, but seeing Tebow live up to his promise to work his absolute hardest to win ballgames after dropping a stunning loss to the Rebels was pretty phenomenal. The other candidates are certainly important to their respective teams; but not nearly as important as Tebow is to the Gators. Oklahoma and Texas would be something like 10-2 without their respective quarterbacks. Florida would be at best a 9 win team without Tebow.
Tim Tebow is the kind of player your grandkids are going to ask you about. I personally take some sort of bizarre pride in the fact that I have seen one of the greatest SEC athletes of all time play in person. And, yes, I do mean "one of the greatest SEC athletes of all time." Just watch. Soon enough, you'll hear Tim Tebow mentioned in the same breath as Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, and the Mannings. Along those same lines, twenty years from now Sam Bradford will be lumped into the "great OU quarterbacks" pile with Josh Heupel and Jason White while Colt McCoy will still be playing 2nd fiddle to Vince Young in Longhorn folklore (despite the fact that he's a statistically better quarterback).

Of course, if all three come back for another season, all of this could change.

Oh, and you know what? I've put a new poll regarding this topic up. Yes, now loyal Cup fans, barely literate Arkansas trolls, and bitter Texas Tech visitors alike can weigh in on this issue.

Vote and tell us who you voted for and why.

*No, Chris, your sins and transgressions against the Rebels and the Manning family are not yet forgiven. Repent now and tithe your earnings (to the Cup) and we'll kinda-sorta-maybe consider forgiveness.