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Who Are These Guys? Nostalgia Quiz Edition!

This may be lost on the public at large, but some people in the left-wing mainstream media have derided Graham Harrell for being a "system quarterback." They think that just because Texas Tech does not have a tradition of outstanding professional quarterbacks that Harrell will be another in a long line of NFL busts from Lubbock. "How dare they," I ask with repudiating disgust. Do they even know to what heights the proteges of Mike Leach have soared since their glorious seasons at the helm of the HMS Red Raider? Do you?

For your edification, play along in the little game I am calling "Who Are These Guys? Texas Tech Nostalgia!" It's the fun-for-all-ages quiz that asks you to choose which of the three listed fates is the actual one befallen former Texas Tech greats Kliff Kingsbury, Sonny Cumbie, and B.J. Symons. Let's begin Round 1!

Kliff Kingsbury
This Red Raider superstar played in 43 games, passing for 12,429 yards in his collegiate career. But what became of him after Lubbock?
(a) Kingsbury was drafted but never played in the league. Ironically, he is now coaching quarterbacks for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He and Saskatchewan GM (and Ole Miss alum) will be sitting together at the Cotton Bowl.
(b) Kingsbury spent three seasons in the NFL, playing only during his third and final. In 2007, while playing for the Montreal Alouettes, he was traded to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for another historical footnote - 2002 Heisman finalist Brad Banks. He is currently a member of the University of Houston staff in a non-coaching position.
(c) Kingsbury signed a free agent contract with Denver, but never made a roster. He started a graduate program with his alma mater before deciding, novelly, instead to take the head coaching job at Kingsbury High School in, you guessed it, Kingsbury, Texas.

B.J. Symons
Symons set the single-season passing record in his only season as the starting quarterback at Texas Tech with 5,833 yards. And then...
(a) Symons sat behind David Carr at Houston for one season and was just one of many train-wreck options at quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 2006. Currently, he plays in the Arena Football League.
(b) After his stint in Chicago, he was offered a comparatively large contract for the AFL, but turned it down for an office position in marketing and community development for the Cowboys.
(c) Exhausted with living a double-life for many years, Symons became a full-time douche and important advocate for the douche lifestyle.

Sonny Cumbie
Cumbie led the Red Raiders to a surprising victory over #4 Cal in the 2004 Holiday Bowl. But thereafter...
(a) Cumbie almost landed the best job in football - backup to Peyton Manning - but was, predictably, cut. He plays for the Los Angeles Avengers and does color commentary for the Red Raider Network.
(b) Cumbie went where NFL dreams go to die - Europe. He took the Frankfurt Galaxy to the final World Bowl in 2007. He was recently hired as offensive coordinator for the University of North Alabama.
(c) Cumbie and his life partner, Jason White, were married in Massachusetts in May. They own a florist in El Paso and have sued the State of Texas for marital recognition. The case, styled Cumbie v. Texas, is currently on the docket in the federal district court for the Western District of Texas.

Best of luck! The answers are in the comments.