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What We've Learned

I have been disappointed with David Brandt's Ole Miss coverage before, but he has been a hawk today, and he is reporting that not only will Andy Kennedy be on the floor tonight, but that he will, furthermore, be cleared of all charged.

We also have, courtesy of Brandt, a statement from Coach Kennedy's brother, Steve, who tells us that Andy was out for a "late night dinner" with some old Cincy friends (after the teams' 11:00 pm meeting), that Kennedy and four other members of the staff hailed a cab, and that the cabbie called Torrey Ward that word that is colloquially used to describe the sheriff of Rock Ridge. I'm not ready to lock up AK for hate crimes. To me, though, it still all sounds a little fishy, and I bet Banker Pete is kicking himself on the chance that he didn't include some provision for this sort of thing in Kennedy's contract.

Finally, we have also been reminded, once again, that State fans blow. Here is a bad touch conversation between two of them on one of Brandt's posts:
NashvilleBulldawg: FIRST!
ethanoldawg: NB I knew I should have posted quicker. I'm proud of you !
NashvilleBulldawg: Thank you, good sir. Congrats on being second.
NashvilleBulldawg: Man, it's sad but true: the rebel board is a ghost town, even with a story like this.

Internet supremacy has come to Starkville. Huzzah!