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We're Back and the final part of the SEC Power Poll All-SEC DLine

Alright, alright, you can all quit your bellyaching.

Between Christmas and one of us getting hitched two days thereafter we've been doing the whole "friends and family" thing. No, we're not going to apologize.

Get over it.

Now, to pick up where we left off.
I'm surprised Jefferson still has a head attached to his neck.

Peria Jerry is a bad, bad dude. He will ruin you. I mean absolutely, positively, motherfucking ruin you. This season has seen what may be the single greatest Ole Miss defensive line ever. There is star power at every starting position and potential star power a few spots deep on the depth chart. The typical adjectives used to positively describe linemen--big, strong, quick, athletic--certainly apply here. However, Peria Jerry, while all of the above, can best be described as "determined."
I'm not the biggest guy, and I'm definitely not the strongest guy. But I'm going to be there all day.
Peria Jerry was featured recently in a piece by Scott Cacciola of the Memphis Commercial Appeal and that quote, attributed to Jerry, really stood out to me. When compared to Ted Laurent or Jerrel Powe, Jerry certainly isn't the biggest or strongest guy out there. But, whatever he "lacks" in size and strength is made up for by his incredibly competitive drive and "never-give-up" attitude.

Towards the end of the LSU game, it became apparent that Jerry had simply worn his blockers down. They were all likely bigger, stronger, and more highly rated recruits but, literally, none of that mattered; Jerry was beating their asses off of the line and creating chaos in the trenches and backfield.

He brings 100% on every single down which is exactly how he beats you. By the end of the game, he's unblockable.

I know they're confident, and rightfully so, but I can't imagine Graham Harrell and the Red Raider OLine not at all worried about lining up against Peria Jerry and his legion of despair. They're going to bring it and, if Harrell and co. aren't careful, the Cotton Bowl could end very, very poorly for the Red Raiders.

Congratulations on everything, Peria. You're a team captain, an All American, and, most importantly, one of the greatest defensive tackles in the SEC according to a legion of bloggeurs.

To come: our piece in the most recent edition of The Local Voice, the most badass Christmas gift EVAR, and the beginning of Texas Tech hate week.