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Tubbs Numbers

TOMMY TUBERVILLE JUST GOT RE-HIRED BY AUBURN!!!!1!!1!!1! That's not true, but if someone wants to link on the Spirit Boards that RSC is reporting Tommy Tuberville's re-hiring on The Plains, that'd be funny, I think. What we can report, truthfully, are some numbers.
  • Tuberville beat Alabama 7 times in his 10 years, famously winning 6 in a row between 2002 and 2007. You should know that Ralph "Shug" Jordan beat Alabama 9 times during his 25 seasons at the helm on the Plains. Pat Dye won 6 of 12 meetings with the Red Elephants. I'd give Shug some credit, but he won four of those before Bear Bryant. Comparatively, though, Tommy supped on the mediocrity of Dubose, Franchione, and Shula.
  • Speaking of, can you believe that in 10 years, Tommy Tuberville faced FOUR DIFFERENT COACHES in the Iron Bowl. In fact, just against his five division opponents, Tuberville met twelve different coaches on the field of battle his extraordinarily flaky profession.
  • Mike Donahue (1904-06, 08-22) remains tied for the second-largest win total among Auburn coaches. His ledger after his first 10 seasons was 56-13-2 (.811). Jordan was 71-29-3 (.710). Pat Dye was 89-38-3 (.729). Tuberville's overall record of 85-40-0 (.680) does, indeed, rank him behind his forbears in that category.

In short, if Auburn was seeking a coach on the level of Donahue, Dye, and Jordan, it is unclear whether or not Tuberville was their man. Tom's all-time ledger there is .05 ahead of their all-time ledger. Tuberville ran a good program for Auburn. He didn't get in trouble. He beat his primary rival often. But, by historical standards, Tommy does not quite measure up.