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Tubbs No More

Birmingham News reports Tuberville is out at Auburn.

Tough year to be head coach at a cow college.

EDIT #1: Birmingham News also reports that unofficial representatives of Auburn have contacted Bobby Petrino and Mike Leach. Leach is interested, but Petrino's contract reportedly included a no-compete clause prohibiting him from coaching at another SEC West team. But, as my roommate points out, contracts are made to be broken.

EDIT #2: I've seen it in my crystal ball: bulldogs are beside themselves with the prospect of hiring Tom. They will offer him by 5:00 tomorrow and, consequently, suffer through at least a year of criticism for not engaging in a broad coaching search that included interviews with minority applicants.

EDIT #3: My roommate reminds me that Mrs. Tubbs thought Oxford was rural and backward. So, perhaps, Starkville is not a realistic possibility.

EDIT #4: Here's the kind of rumor you can only get on NAFOOM: Tubbs resigned because he lost his old-time love for the game after Mrs. Tubbs found new love in the neighborhood car-pool.