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Season Recap: Photos and Haikus

Memphis, city of
I beg you, leave our fair town
Don't ever come back

Wake got the ball last
Dex threw an interception
Lewis missed the sack

We played hungover
And still won by 21
That guy's knee is fucked

Four interceptions?
Seriously, Mr. Snead!?
This one is on you

Holy fucking shit!
UF may win BCS
You're welcome, Timmy!

Lack of dicipline
Exposed our secondary
Goalline fumbles!? DEX!

Had a bad 1st half
Bama had a bad 2nd
Tweaked Mt. cody's knee

Season's turning point
Arkansas fans are crazy;
That was OPI

Jevan started slow,
Auburn's offense was limp-dicked
See ya, Tuberville!

No one saw this game
We made up a fake weblog

Fuck you, LSU
That shit was way overdue
We earned ugly prize

We brought the egg home
Many happy returns, Dawgs!
Oh no! They fired CroomS!

That was a pretty kickass way to waste time at the office, if I must say so myself. If you've got any other haikus you'd like to share please do. Oh, and to whoever took these photos, shoot us an email so we can give you due credit (omg plz plz let us use them kthxbai).
EDIT: The photo of Billy Tapp juking some guy is pretty damned badass. That's definitely the highlight of his *ahem* illustrious football career at Ole Miss. Thank you for everything, Billy.