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RSC Recruiting Tidbit/Snippet/Update/War Room/Bit of Tid/RSCUMOR

I was at a study session tonight for an exam and was talking to the kid across from me about the bowl game and travel plans, etc. when it came up that he was from Louisville and played football there. Being the information craved recruiting fiend that I am I inquired about the Spirit Board's love child, Clayton Moore, and Dennis Thames.

According to my "source" (I can have them too, Yancy, and they are no more credible than your opinion) Clayton Moore is a huge prick and the problem from that playoff game was mainly his fault. The coaches corrected him and blew up on the coaches and the coaches told him to hit the showers. Moore came back out cussing up another storm and the coaches had him escorted off the field. The players held a meeting the following day to see if Moore should play in the state championship game and they voted no. Why? Because he is apparently a huge prick to the majority of the team and really cocky.

I know that most of that is Germans/Volkswagonku/whatever cutesy, lame response you want, but I thought it was pretty interesting.

I also asked him about Dennis Thames and he said that he tried to get him to come to Ole Miss while he was at Louisville but he didn't think things looked too good with Thames. He mentioned Oklahoma State, Michigan, State, and said Thames can pretty much go wherever he wants to and is not going to let Moore dictate his decision.

The more you know. Back to the books.

Also, just to clarify from some confusion this summer, Thames' dream date is not Buyownce, favorite food is not spagiti, and he's not a big fan of Maddon when it comes to video games. Just letting you know, YP!