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Ole Miss vs FAMU Recap

Rebels had a good showing against FAMU, which is to be expected. Concern over the game was legitimate given the events of the past few days, but the Rebels came out strong and buried the Rattlers 86-63.

The Rebels also got encouraging performances from some players at positions that they desperately need to see increased production from.

Will "The Lil Spud" Bogan did not play too bad. From listening to Kellum in the second half it sounded like he played within himself and the offense ran smoothly. The last I heard, he only had two turnovers and that’s all you can ask for from a true freshman point guard who is getting significant playing time for the first time in his career. Maybe he'll become ridiculously ripped and be the next Todd Abernathy. Because he can only be compared to a former white point guard since this is Ole Miss, right? I know the nickname is incredibly gay, it is what I was going for with it.

Terrico White had a pretty good game tonight as well with a career high 18 points. He shot well from the floor, above 50%, and even picked up a few assists. White knows he has to become the second guy after Huertas now, and tonight he showed some signs of growth.

Post play continues to improve as Malcolm and my boy Murphy Holloway got their ball on. White had 18 points and tore it up from the field going only missing three shots. He also collected 9 rebounds and tallied three more blocks. Granted, it was FAMU but that’s a great stat line for Malcolm and another game that can help give him more confidence.

Murphy Holloway continues to impress me. In our first game I told a few people that I thought he would be the best of the freshman class and I still think that is a possibility, although Terrico has the most upside. Holloway was everywhere on the boards this game, seemed like Kellum called his name on every other rebound in the second half as he finished with 16 on the night. I also really like the way he finishes and is able to create for himself without the ball. He moves better than any other player on the team without the ball, at least from my viewing.

Terrance Henry is still very much a project and really needs to get in contact with our old friend Jared Foster.

For me, the stat of the game tonight has to be the rebounding margin. Rebels – 47 FAMU – 22.