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Now THIS Is Just Adorable

Get ready, Tiger fans. You're going to want to start rooting for the Rebels.

Because down in Death Valley, they've figured out that a Rebel trip to Orlando, is the only chance they've got at Dallas.

Tell 'em 'bout it, JoJo:
"The key is if the Capital One Bowl in Orlando takes Cotton Bowl target Ole Miss instead of Georgia, which it has been courting for weeks. But on Saturday, BCS No. 11 Georgia was upset by BCS No. 22 Georgia Tech, 45-42, and fell to No. 16 in the BCS and to 9-3 on the season with its second loss in four games ... If Ole Miss does go to the Capital One, the Outback Bowl in Tampa is then expected to take Georgia out of the SEC East, leaving the Cotton Bowl no choice but to take 7-5 LSU out of the SEC West."
I've decided that there may be no more satisfying piece of journalism composed since the dawn of man than that which recognizes the dim and dreary reality that Les Miles and LSU would be "chosen" because there was, literally, no one else.

While part of me want LSU to be left out of its most desired bowl location, I cannot dispel the schadenfreude that would most certainly result from watching the Tigers' suddenly non-existent defense being eaten alive bite by bite by good ol' Graham and the Lubbuccaneers, leaving Les Miles feeling rather like the victim of those wicked freaking ants from the new Indiana Jones movie.