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More Information Regarding Andy Kennedy's Arrest

Would you like to see the police report? Click here (PDF).

Would you like to see a part of the police report already being proven untrue? Well that's right here.

Would you like to hear the coaches side of the incident? Here.

Here's an official statement released by the university this afternoon with regards to the situation.

In response to the charges made against Ole Miss Head Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy in Cincinnati, OH, Thursday morning, Athletics Director Pete Boone and Coach Kennedy issued the following statements:

"Clearly, this is an unfortunate situation. However, after a full discussion with Andy Kennedy and his staff, who were with him, I have the utmost confidence that once all the facts are known, Coach Kennedy will be cleared of all charges," said Boone, who is with the team.

"I regret this situation," Kennedy said. "The focus should be on the players and the game, not on me. I vehemently deny the charges levied against me, and am completely confident that I will be fully exonerated of all charges."

Coach Kennedy will continue his coaching duties.

I don't know what to beleive, so I'm not about to sit here and tell you what to beleive. I will say this though: Pete Boone and Robert Khayat would not in any way, shape, or form stand behind Andy Kennedy in this situation if they did not feel that he had a good chance of being acquitted. That is my glimmer of hope, dammit.