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Mike Leach to Washington?

Been wondering why Captain Mike's gimmick offense is in the Big 12 South and no the Pac-10? Apparently so has Mike Leach. ESPN is reporting that the Pirate King met officials from Washington in Seattle last night and might be raising the old jolly roger in the great northwest next season.

Plunging and pillaging has gotten too difficult in the Big 12 South. Mike must be looking at his potential new shipmates to the south, Oregon State, who looked potentially Rose Bowl bound with three losses, and decided that the Cotton Bowl is not sufficient booty for his 11-win mastery. Avast, lads, the captain be abandoning the ship and leaving the Lubbuccaneers to wonder why is all the fun gone.

What does this mean for the Rebels? Well, hopefully it means that Captain Mike will have his one good eye on the recruiting trail and not on Dallas when the new year rolls around.