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A Little Gloating

Every now and again it is appropriate to recognize those who have gone before us - not dead people, just great people. So, this message goes out to Matt Jones, Rex Grossman, David Greene, Jay Cutler, Brodie Croyle, Jamarcus Russell, all those Clausens, D.J. Shockley, and any other notable quarterback in the SEC from the last decade:

Wassup, lawya? Ole Miss Hotty Toddy gettin' that home-field advantage up da league. Get psyched, son; y'all gotta bring dat weak sauce to New York!

Also, shouts go out to Deuce McAllister, who was one of many Saints to score yesterday against the hapless Detroit Lions, and Ken Lucas, who temporarily staved off eventual defeat by the New York Football Giants by tackling Derrick Ward at the end of his 51-yard run to practically cinch the New York win.