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Jamar Hornsby Commits

Jamar Hornsby, a former Florida Gator and coveted high school prospect, committed to the Rebels over the weekend. If you'll remember, the prospect of his commitment caused a bit of a stir in one of our comments threads.

Hornsby was kicked off of the Florida squad when criminal charges of credit card fraud were brought against him. Hornsby got a hold of a credit card belonging to the deceased girlfriend of one of his (also deceased) teammates and ran up a few thousand dollars worth of charges on it. As despicable as that may initially seem, there have been rumors circulating a few Ole Miss forums that there is much more to this story than was initially reported.

Per the story, the card wasn't a credit card per se, but rather a prepaid card. Jamar discovered it in an apartment and, upon notifying the young woman's parents, he was allowed to keep the card. After using it with permission for several months, the University of Florida's athletic department got wind of this and, fearing NCAA sanctions surrounding the card (could it be construed as an illegal gift or benefit?), generated criminal charges to remove Hornsby from the team.

Is this alternate story true? Hell if I know. It wouldn't shock me if it were but, until I see or hear something other than sports forum chatter, I'm not going to bite.