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Is It Worth It?

I cannot watch much more of this garbage. I do not even want to call it basketball.

We have injuries. We are young. There is turmoil with the AK and the injuries have deflated team.

These arguments are valid but I do not care about them. The watchability meter for this game hovered somewhere around the Vanderbilt game or Deal or No Deal. There was no passion in this game, at least in what I watched. The play that sticks in my mind is when USM scored on an easy fast break created by no one getting back and Huertas loafing around in the paint allowing his man to beat him to the hoop for an easy basket. Story of the game.

Rebounding? Reality check here after the FAMU game, I hope no one got too optimistic after that game by the way. This stat actually was the reason I turned the game off and subjected myself to an NBA game: USM - 15 Ole Miss - 5. That was the rebounding mark in the second half with about 10 minutes left to play.

Cannot wait for SEC play! And I'm ready for Dallas.

P.S. I know I sound like one of the Woe is me fans and jumping off the bandwagon people. It has been a long week.