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How Disappointed are the Raiders?

Michael Crabtree is not jazzed about playing in the Cotton Bowl. He and Graham Harrell were snubbed by the trophy people, Crabtree hasn't (wink, wink) decided whether he's leaving Lubbock, and did I mention that both of them were injured in the season finale against Baylor.

Baylor, who they beat in an inspired comeback win by the margin of 38-35.

Something is fishy with this team. It was fishy three weeks ago when they got shellacked by Oklahoma. It got wrapped in newspaper and forgotten when they scored 14 first-half points against Baylor. And since that game it's only gotten to smelling worse.

The Texas Trio in Lubbock all have plenty of reason to have their minds somewhere other than Dallas. Perhaps someone out there is maintaining focus. Maybe they do not need a great deal of focus to beat an Ole Miss coach who has a 2-5 record in the post-season. Maybe the Rebels have exactly the wrong weakness to match up against Texas Tech.

Wait, there's no maybe about that.

But, maybe there's some merit in being the team that has every reason to be excited, focused, and motivated, rather than the team that is none of the above.


The question is, what reasonable basis is there to believe that the off-the-field circumstances surrounding the Red Raiders should give folks cause to doubt their unimpeachable chances against the home team?