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Whew, that's a relief!

Do you remember how Wesley Carroll was the savior of MSU football? I mean, if he could have a mediocre (poor) season as a freshman, he would have a significantly more mediocre season as a sophomore. Heck, maybe he could be decent by the time he was a senior.

That is... until he requested, and got his release from MSU today.

Amazing. You know your program is in trouble when a guy with a great chance to start at quarterback leaves your school.

Ethan Flatt did that to us before the Orgeron fiasco. Now I know that many of you will say it doesn't matter... they'll have Tyler Russell starting next year anyway. Well, not if Bama has anything to say about it. They're apparently recruiting the MSU commitment, and it's going to be tough to turn down a 12-1 team with the fan base of Bama.

Have fun with Tyson Lee, State.