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FAMU Preview

Ole Miss is set to usher in the Will Bogan era tonight against Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, an era that Rebel fans hope is not going to last any longer than necessary.

FAMU (2-8) has faced three other SEC opponents this season and have not fared too well. They lost by significant amounts to Florida, Alabama, and what should be a hapless Arkansas team. The game is set to tip at 7 p.m. and if you want to listen to it find it on the radio or sign up for RebelVision, I’ll probably stick to MNF.

Ole Miss Notes

It is going to be interesting to see how the staff handles the point guard position tonight. I read some quotes from Michael White claming that Will Bogan had been having some good practices and it helps that he has been going against Chris in practice. However, the staff also said I would be pleased with Kevin Cantinol, I am not. Needless to say my expectation for Bogan are minimal right now.

It is definitely going to have to be a point guard committee operation. I know Terrico White played some point in high school, so he’ll get an opportunity, but beyond him and Bogan I don’t know who else is going to be running the point.

Huertas has never impressed me with his ball control or handles, so I don’t know if we will see him bringing the ball up, but I guess Zach Graham is an option? It is tough to say what the point guard rotation will be when your three-deep at the position is out for the season.

These next few games will show us just how good of a shooter David Huertas is. Kennedy is claiming he is the best shooter he has coached, and I will believe that if Huertas is able to maintain his numbers while fending off the double teams that are undoubtedly coming his way.

I thought the post game showed some improvement against Louisville. Malcolm would have contributed if it weren't for foul trouble the entire game, Murphy Holloway was active on the boards and efficient from the floor, and Terrance Henry showed some good effort rebounding. The front court can also breathe a sigh of relief because with new weakness at point guard, they will no longer be the sole focal point of criticism regarding the team.

The Rebels need this game in the worst way. The matchup against FAMU should allow the Rebels to do some experimenting with the lineup, while still being able to come away with an easy victory. (I am knocking on wood) Kennedy and his staff will use this game to figure out the point guard position and also hopefully continue the process of getting Malcolm White to multi task (think and play) while he's in the game.

Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University

FAMU holds a special place in my heart because it is one of my earliest memories of a live sporting event, when I witnessed them lose to Memphis State in basketball by 50 points and saw the infamous Scientific Mapp man the point guard for the Rattlers.

FAMU has become famous for its marching band, known as the "Marching 100" that has been featured at the Grammy's and played with Prince at the Super Bowl.

Scouting the Rattlers

Lamar Twitty, another good name, leads FAMU with 11.8 points per game and Brandon Bryant who is averaging just less than 10 ppg is another key player for the Rattlers. FAMU, as a team, has shot poorly from the field and behind the arc shooting 37% from the field on the season and in the high 20s from beyond the arc. They are also awful from the free throw line at 53.4% on the season. Defense has not been much better as opponents are averaging around 77 points against the Rattlers defense.

Notable Alumni

Some of FAMU’s notable alumni in sports include Andre "The Hawk" Dawson, Marquis Grissom (one of the oddest looking players in baseball), Quinn Gray, Jerome James* (one of the signings that highlighted Isiah Thomas debacle with the Knicks), and Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver.

Politically, the oft-troubled mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick is an alumnus.

Another alumnus that caught my eye is Cannonball Adderley. If you are into jazz at all you probably know who he is, but if you do not get the Somethin’ Else album.

**Here are a few Jerome James quotes I was able to gather from Wikipedia. If you are a follower of the NBA, you know James does not exactly have a sterling reputation and is better known for his laziness and the fact that he is a walking personal foul than he is for his basketball prowess.

James, when asked about his legacy with the Knicks, replied, "that’s not me. I’ve always had a passion for basketball and unfortunately, due to me not getting playing time, I wasn’t able to show ‘em that side of me. I want to show them that side and then I’ll get my ass out of here. I’ll leave. But y'all still gotta pay me though."

Once, when asked if he was concerned about his former coach commenting that he has a selfish attitude, replied, "I don't even know what he's talking about, I just worry about Jerome."