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Corralling the West

Thanks, but no thanks. Derek Dooley, a man who lives and works in Ruston, Louisiana at a perennially average WAC school, is one of two coaches to tell Mississippi State that he's holding out for something better. The other is Gary Patterson, the head coach at Texas Christian ... which, arguably, is a better job that State.

Daily Affirmation with Tiger Media. Glen Guilbeau at The News Star (alternatively spelled the Neauwxs Star) reminds people that Les Miles is not Nick Saban ... or Gerry Dinardo. Guilbeau's right. He's way more like Larry Coker.

The Real Kiss of Death. After parting ways with Tommy Tuberville, Auburn administrators got some harsh criticism from an unexpected source - rival coach Nick Saban. Takes a slimeball to know a slimeball. Next thing you know Petrino will be telling Auburn's AD exactly what he thinks about this decision ... during his job interview.

Not Fired. The press conference comes at 11:00 CT to announce Tommy's termination. As the SEC press release notes, though, he is officially resigning, not being fired. Tubbs says he plans to stay in Auburn for a while and "help the Auburn family however I can." Nothing hurts quite like your man treating his next girlfriend better than he treated you. 17-7, Tom. There's some scorn for you.