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I hate doing this but just want to get my apologize on and say sorry the basketball coverage has been lacking, if not non existent as of late. I have been doing nothing but writing papers and studying and working this past week and simply didn't feel like writing about some boring wins against UCF and Morgan State.

Anyways, once this next week is over I'll pick up the coverage. I was able to make it to the WVU game tonight, but really don't have to time to be witty or write a recap for you. I will say that we played lights out tonight at the guard positions and I saw alot of good things from Murphy Holloway and Terrico White.

Warren's missed free throws and dribbling off his leg to seal the loss I will chalk up to fatigue. I am pretty sure he played the entire second half and all but four minutes or so of the first half. It sucks that the offense is so damn stagnant with Bogan running the show. Maybe he will improve?

While Malcolm had two monster blocks, he also had 5 dumb fouls and even more missed assignments. Get your freaking head in the game, you didn't start playing well until you got four fouls. Maybe that brief stretch of play will show him that he is capable of being an SEC center.

Kevin Cantinol continues to get minutes. That's how bad we are in the front court.

Those are a few jumbled and slightly coherent thoughts from the game. Bless you if you made it to the end of this.