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Add Two More

Since JUCO posted about Raymond Cotton and Rodney Scott there have been a few more developments on the recruiting front. According to an article on Rivals, we are now leading for Raymond Cotton, which is huge news for the Rebels. Nutt also added two more commits in Charles Sawyer, a highly sought after corner, and Dexter McCluster clone Korvic Neat.

Both players were coveted by the staff, especially Neat, and are great additions for the class. We are running low on spots now and it will be interesting to see how everything shakes out for the Rebels. I would like to see us drop Artice Kellam and replace him with David Conner, there really is no difference between the two and it is more important to build the in-state relationships than focusing on the out of state ties.

Cameron Whigham should probably be cut lose too, I would much rather make room for Victor Gray and Kitchens. I'm also very skeptical on Stephen Houston. I am pretty sure he is not really committed, but it would be nice to get him off the list anyways. His highlight video is not impressive at all and he is a grade issue.

Right now the Rebels need to put the full court press on Patterson, Norwood, Massie, Hardy and Cotton. Closing out the class with at least two of the above would be great, but I can see the Rebels snagging three of the five.